“What a Pathetic Clown – He’s Like a Little Boy, What the Hell?” – Steve Bannon And Russ Vought React To RINO Speaker Mike Johnson Outside of Trump Trial (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


Russ Vought, the President at Center for Renewing America, joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Tuesday morning as President Trump was held in court in his latest ongoing lawfare case.

President Trump was back in court on Tuesday as the never-ending Alvin Bragg show trial in New York City prevents him from campaigning across America.

The trial against Trump on still undefined criminal charges has gone on now for four weeks. This is the definition of election interference.

Of course, the mainstream legacy media lackeys are going along with this and reporting as if this unprecedented attack on Joe Biden’s political rival is something quite ordinary in American politics.

President Trump on Tuesday was flanked by North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL), Rep. Cory Millis (R-FL) and turncoat Speaker Mike Johnson the worthless GOP House House leader who sides with Democrats and neglects his voting base on every issue possible.

Steve Bannon and Russ Vought responded to the Louisiana RINO.

Steve Bannon: What a pathetic clown. I mean, come on, man. It is Tuesday, 14 May, 2024. Dude, You’ve got the ability to step in here and use your office like you should to begin a judiciary, to begin a real investigation, not up there regurgitating war room. We can regurgitate here fine. You’ve got the actual power. What are you doing?

I think Johnson just did this to trigger me today. I think he went up there, just came to the sticks. We’re going to continue to shine a light on it. We’re going to continue… Boy, I’d like to have Maria Bartaroma on here right now.

We’re going to continue to shine a light on it. We’re going to continue to send sharply worded letters. We’re going to continue to… He runs around, he’s like a little boy. What the hell? You think the Democrats roll like that? The reason the country is in the shape it’s in is the controlled opposition manifested and personified by that wimp right there. How dare you go up there into the middle of this and come out and just spew more nonsense!

Let’s cut to the chase. The donors don’t want you to have Trump’s back. That’s why you’re not having Trump’s back. They’re putting plenty of cash in back of you, $100 million, Paul Singer in this group. And Stephen Laws’ group just announced yesterday $70 million, seven zero, $70 million in back of Senate races. All the big Senate races Except for, wait for it, wait for it, Kari Lake. This is a complete – this is a scam this con is so obvious, and you have the audacity.

I hope that our beloved President, President Trump, finally getting a belly full of this because this is welfare. Russ Fote now joins me. We got other issues with the House and what trying to do, clearing the decks. But Russ, I got to ask you right here, brother, you’ve been at this game a long time. Is this outrageous? He goes up today and just gives more happy talk in front of this instead of being in Washington, DC, driving the action, sir.

Russ Vought:I mean, this is exactly what we are so frustrated with as a movement is that our leaders that have actual power don’t use that power on behalf of their own voters, their own movement. And so we just ended several leverage points of funding in which it would have been totally It’s really appropriate to defund all of this law fair going on. There were amendments to do it. People like Mike Davis wrote the language for these individuals, and they just refused to consider it.

They have no desire to ever use the tools, the powers, the leverage that they have at their disposal to actually accomplish their purposes. They, in fact, just come up with shiny objects and hamster wheels for themselves to walk on while the real battle plays out and the Democrats are never opposed. They’re setting another one of these things up over the next several months, and it’s vital that we get ahead of it…

…Steve, you laid it out really nicely. Here’s what people understand. The funding for the government that President Trump would take control over is provided this year. And so if you put terms on that funding, if you restrict it, we can’t get Mike Johnson to restrict funding not to go to these lawful initiatives. But if you allow the Uniparty to restrict his ability ability to accomplish his agenda this year, you have made it so that for the first year that he is in office, he does not have the ability or the freedom of action to be able to serve the American people based on what the election and the agenda that he wins on. And so right now, you’re seeing the development of a meme. It’s called clear the decks. And what clear the decks is, I see in every conversation I’m having here in Washington, DC, is, oh, we have to remove all of the leverage points of funding to get them done now with Democrats, by the way, because, of course, the House Democrats are, in fact, in control of the House of Representatives. Get those done now between now at the end of the year so that President Trump doesn’t have to deal with these issues.

But what they’re doing with that is that they are both removing his leverage points, but worse, they are kicking the funding past the election to have a big omnibus bill in which they will include all manner of poison pill amendments, poison pill riders that turn off his ability to govern the career civil servants, the bureaucrats, to have the ability to take an America first perspective when you have discretionary, consistent with the law. All of those things will be tucked in, and they will do it now, and they’ll say, Hey, look, we’re just trying to get our business done. If you hear, clear the decks, you have to be able to interpret it and realize it is an attempt against President Trump.

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