VirTra: It’s Got More Than Just Momentum Going For It (NASDAQ:VTSI)


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Quantitative Factors Support Buying VirTra

Shares of VirTra, Inc. (NASDAQ:VTSI) caught my attention when they were recently assigned a “Strong Buy” rating by the Seeking Alpha Quant system:

VirTra is a small-cap

Company P/E FW
VirTra 21.4
Byrna Technologies Inc. (BYRN) neg.
Terran Orbital Corporation (LLAP) neg.
Redwire Corporation (RDW) neg.
Mynaric AG (MYNA) neg.
Vertical Aerospace Ltd. (EVTL) neg.

Year Revenue USD (YoY growth)
2015 13.3 million (34%)
2016 15.7 million (18%)
2017 16.5 million (5%)
2018 18.1 million (10%)
2019 18.7 million (3%)
2020 19.1 million (2%)
2021 24.4 million (28%)
2022 28.3 million (16%)
2023 38.0 million (34%)
Average growth 17%

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