Trump Shows His Fear With New Excuse For Not Testifying


Donald Trump claimed on Monday morning that he is not allowed to answer questions about testifying due to the gag order, but that was a lie.

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On his way into the courtroom, Trump was asked about testifying, and he answered, “I have a gag order in answer to that first question. As you know, they’ve taken away my constitutional rights, so I’m not allowed to answer that question. This has never happened in this country before. It’s a ridiculous thing. It’s a ridiculous thing.”

The gag order is very narrow. It does not block Trump from answering questions about potentially testifying. Trump has decided, even though polling shows that his supporters don’t care, that he is going to go all right-wing martyrdom by blaming the gag order for everything.

If you want to understand the truth, all you need to know is that within a week, Trump has gone from proclaiming that he is definitely going to testify to walking away from questions about testifying and now claiming the gag order prevents him from answering them.

Donald Trump’s efforts to spin the optics aren’t working. No one outside of his MAGA base believes his claims of victimhood.

Trump’s strategy of using the trial as a campaign rally is falling apart, so the deemed fraudster ex-president is playing the victim.

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