Trump Campaign Files First 2024 Election Lawsuit, Demands Ban on Counting of Mail-In Ballots After Election Day | The Gateway Pundit


The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) have filed their first election integrity lawsuit of the 2024 presidential election.

Following the massive voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election that rigged the election in favor of Joe Biden, the lawsuit is seeking to block the counting of mail-in ballots received after election day.

“Dilution of honest votes, to any degree, by the casting of fraudulent or illegitimate votes violates the right to vote,” the lawsuit states. “By holding voting open beyond the federal Election Day, Nevada violates federal law and harms plaintiffs.”

“Counting mail ballots received after Election Day doesn’t just dilute the valid ballots—it specifically and disproportionately harms Republican candidates and voters,” it continues. “These harms are irreparable.”

The lawsuit is a response to legislation passed by Nevada’s Democratic-controlled legislature back in 2021, which allows the tallying of mail ballots received up to four days after Election Day so long as the envelopes are postmarked before the end of the day.

“Nevada’s ballot receipt deadline clearly violates federal law and undermines election integrity in the state,” RNC Chairman Michael Whatley said in a statement. “Ballots received days after Election Day should not be counted.”

Nineteen U.S. allow the counting of mail-in ballots received after Election Day. The law’s claim they allow more voters to participate, although they are commonly used as a way of giving Democratic operatives enough time to “find” the necessary votes to ensure victory.

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