“The High Price of Free Speech” – Join The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft with Amy Peikoff on the Weekly Podchute Broadcast Wednesday at 11 AM ET | The Gateway Pundit


Hey there, Gateway Pundit readers! Get ready for an eye-opening discussion on PodChute with Amy Peikoff, BitChute’s Chief Policy Officer. We’ll be diving deep into Lawfare and The Price of Free Speech, shedding light on the challenges platforms like Gateway face and offering insights to help independent journalists navigate the realm of free speech.

Date: May 5th, 2024
Time: 11:00AM Eastern
Livestream Link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/IHLdROPZUqda/

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to gain valuable insights and contribute to the discussion. See you there!

This is your chance to ask me direct questions and engage in an open dialogue about these crucial topics. Join us on BitChute and be part of the conversation that’s shaping the future of free expression!

The Gateway Pundit started back in 2004 as a one-man effort to bring truth to readers, and it has grown into a platform with numerous writers, reaching millions daily.

On Wednesday The Gateway Pundit founder will join Amy Peikoff, the Chief Policy Officer on Bitchute, on the weekly podcast Podchute to discuss the website, its history, and the current challenges as an independent content creator and provider.

The podcast episode is titled “The High Price of Free Speech,” will be diving into the challenges faced by platforms like Gateway Pundit. Throughout 2021, Gateway Pundit encountered significant obstacles, from demonetization by Google to being deplatformed from Twitter and even losing their PayPal account. They’ve also been involved in various lawsuits, notably Missouri v. Biden (now called Murthy vs. Missouri), where they took on the government’s alleged role in suppressing free speech.

Join the discussion as tomorrow as Amy and Jim discuss these critical issues and explore the complexities of–and the price associated with –providing a forum where individuals can exercise their right to free speech.

The livestream will begin at 11 AM Eastern on Wednesday morning.

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