Sony made a PSVR 2 adapter for PC support


PlayStation VR2 headset owners are one step closer to being able to use the virtual reality device with PCs. According to a certification discovered by VR enthusiast Brad Lynch, Sony has developed a PSVR 2 “adapter” that provides PC support for the otherwise PS5-exclusive device.

Sony said that it was working on PC support for PSVR 2 in February, targeting a non-specific 2024 release date, but the company hadn’t previously mentioned what form this support would take. With the adapter certification being filed back on March 27th with South Korea’s regulator, it seems Sony is on track to easily meet its self-imposed PC support deadline. 

No other information about this mysterious adapter — including its price, appearance, or specified release date — is currently available. We’ve reached out to Sony to clarify and will update this story if we hear back.

Still, its existence should be a welcome bit of news for the modding community that’s been attempting to get the PSVR 2 working on PC gaming rigs since the headset was launched in 2023. The $549.99 PSVR 2 went on sale for more than the PS5’s $499.99 launch price, making it a controversial purchase that should be usable beyond Sony’s console. 

Enabling PC support should eliminate one of the biggest deterrents keeping people away from the device. The news comes as Sony struggles with falling interest, reportedly pausing PSVR 2 headset production due to a backlog of unsold inventory.

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