Michael Cohen could make or break Trump as he takes stand on Monday


Prosecutors already have acknowledged Cohen’s flaws to jurors.

During opening statements, assistant district attorney Michael Colangelo told the jury: “You will need to keep an open mind” about Cohen, and “keep in mind all the evidence that corroborates Michael Cohen’s testimony”.

Prosecutors have introduced a paper trail of texts, emails, phone calls, bank records and legal contacts Cohen left as he brokered payouts to Ms Daniels and another woman, Playboy model Karen McDougal, in exchange for their silence.

They have called on multiple corroborating witnesses, like former tabloid publisher David Pecker and Ms Daniel’s former attorney Keith Davidson, to shed light on events involving Cohen.

The district attorney’s office did not return a request for comment for this report.

On 24 April, Cohen announced – likely to the temporary relief of prosecutors – that he would impose a gag order on himself.

“Despite not being the gagged defendant, out of respect for Judge Merchan and the prosecutors, I will cease posting anything about Donald on my X (formerly Twitter) account or on the Mea Culpa Podcast until after my trial testimony,” Mr Cohen posted. “See you all in a month (or more).

But in its complaint last week, the defence cited social media jabs at Mr Trump that Cohen had posted more recently.

The DA can ”read him the riot act all they want,” said former Judge Kiesel. “But if he’s not gonna listen, he’s not gonna listen.”

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