Max’s Dune prequel series starts streaming this fall


Max is going way back in time for its upcoming Dune prequel show. The streamer just released the first trailer for the limited series — dubbed Dune: Prophecy — which is set 10,000 years before Paul Atreides set foot on Arrakis in the movies. The show is slated to start streaming later this fall, though it doesn’t have a specific date just yet.

The story is focused on the formation of the Bene Gesserit, the clandestine group that set many Dune universe-defining events in motion. Max says that the series “follows two Harkonnen sisters as they combat forces that threaten the future of humankind and establish the fabled sect that will become known as the Bene Gesserit.” It’s based on the novel Sisterhood of Dune.

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