Local Media Trashes Trump After Campaign Disasters In Michigan And Wisconsin


Local media, which was a source that Trump used to be able to count on for good coverage had fact checks and damaging headlines after the ex-president tried to campaign in Michigan and Wisconsin.

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The Biden campaign circulated this newspaper’s front page in Wisconsin after Trump’s visit:

In Michigan, Trump got fact-checked for falsely claiming that the state has lost manufacturing jobs under Biden, “Just a little bit of some information, some fact checking. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, our state, Michigan, actually gained 24,000 manufacturing jobs between January of 2021 and May of last year. That’s actually tied for seventh in the country. And so this notion that the auto industry in Detroit is falling apart… may not be as on point as [Trump] would like.”


When Trump tries to campaign, it is a disaster. He has reverted back to complaining that the 2020 election was stolen from him, while ranting and raving about his current legal troubles, and making things up about the state of the nation under President Biden.

Trump has nothing to run on and no reason to be running, except for a desire to avoid prosecution and potential incarceration.

On the rare occasions when Trump does venture out to campaign, it is a reminder of why voters rejected him in 2020. Trump’s presidential hopes might be better off if he spent the rest of the campaign asleep in court.

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