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Harry, The Duke of Sussex, 39, returned to London yesterday (May 7) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his charity, the Invictus Games.

He is staying in a hotel because his estranged family could not – or would not – house him in one of the innumerable properties that they own.

None of the ‘working Royals’ are going to make a presence at the celebrations, either.

Read: Prince Harry Goes to London for His Charity Invictus Games’ 10-Year Celebration – But Despite His Reaching Out, King Charles and Prince William Seem To Be Ignoring Him

Yesterday, it was reported that King Charles’ would not meet Prince Harry during his son’s UK trip because he was ‘too busy’.

But today, it arose that this decision came after a round of ‘difficult’ negotiations between the King and the Prince’s aides.

The Post heard royal commentator Charlotte Griffiths, and she states that the monarch’s decision may have been swayed by ‘certain demands’ from Harry – namely, that Queen Camila not be present during the meeting.

New York Post reported:

“’There is some talk that behind the scenes, a lot of negotiating went on’, Griffiths told GB News. ‘I think the reason was because Harry made certain demands about who could be in the room and who couldn’t. Although on the surface it looks like a snub, Harry made it very difficult for his father’.”

Griffiths also said ‘other forces’ – i.e. future King, William the Prince of Wales – could’ve influenced the king’s decision.

“’Maybe other forces were driving Charles’ position on this’, she said. ‘William may have had a thought about how this meeting should be conducted or whether it should be conducted at all’.

‘We know that Charles likes to meet Harry with Camilla in the room, which isn’t always a popular decision’, she continued.”

Harry’s team said a meeting between the estranged father and son ‘will not be possible due to His Majesty’s full program’.

The King is having his weekly audience with United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and also the first Buckingham Palace garden party of the season – among other previously scheduled engagements.

“On Wednesday, the father of two is expected to give a reading at London’s St Paul’s Cathedral to mark a decade since the inaugural Invictus Games took place in the capital. Actor Damian Lewis, star of “Band of Brothers,” is set to recite the poem ‘Invictus’, by William Ernest Henley, during the service.”

This celebration comes at  a good time for Harry, after his African charity came under heavy PR damage, as you can read in Prince Harry’s Charity in Africa Accused of Widespread Torture and Rape.

Read more:

‘TOO BUSY’: King Charles Snubs Prince Harry’s Presence in London and Will NOT Meet Him

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