Gaze upon Dell’s leaked Qualcomm X Elite-powered laptops


They unsurprisingly look like laptops — albeit with overall slimmer profiles.

The most interesting model is Dell’s new XPS 13 9345, which seems to be a sleeker rebirth of the XPS 13 Plus from 2022. It’s got the same touchy touch-bar on the top row and comes with only two USB-C ports for I/O.

There’s also a leaked new Inspiron 14 7441 Plus that’s reportedly equipped with a 16-core Snapdragon X Elite and has 16GB of base RAM. Inspirons are considered Dell’s everyman PC that isn’t as sleek as the XPS lineup, although this one looks like it has thinned, and seems to come with two USB-C ports, one USB-A, and a microSD card slot.

Dell had revealed a new XPS lineup in January which introduced keyboards that bear Microsoft’s new Copilot key on the bottom row — and it looks like these leaked ones have them, too. Dell, HP, and Lenovo have all partnered with Microsoft to release notebooks supporting Windows 11 AI features. And these leaked Dell laptops apparently have Microsoft’s upcoming “AI Explorer” features out of the box.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X series are due to appear in laptops this summer, and it’s the chipmaker’s big bet to challenge Apple Silicon, Intel, and AMD on performance.

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