FOX News Saturday Night Host Jimmy Failla Releases “Keeps Falling” – The Ballad of Joe Biden… And HE NAILS IT! (Video) | The Gateway Pundit


Joe Biden takes a dive on stage at the US Air Force Academy graduation in June 2023.

FOX News radio host and comedian Jimmy Faila released a must see video on Joe Biden’s presidency titled “Keep Falling.”

The video is credited to “Joe Biden and the Alzheimers” band and produced by “C’Mon Man Records” exposes the Socialist-Democrats attempting to push this failed candidate who can’t find his way off a stage and can’t finish a sentence for US president.

The left may attempt to steal another election with this confused serial liar but the American public will no longer be fooled or threatened into silence.

Let the mockery of this bonehead begin!

Here are the lyrics.

He’s an old guy,
has dementia,
can’t lead us.
And the country is screwed.

Tells some big lies,
barely speaks English,
sniffs children,
and their mom’s hair, too,

goes the wrong way.
When he leaves his speeches,
gets lost each day.
In the White House yard,

all the Dems say
that we should reelect him.
How can he win?
When walking is hard?

And Joe Keeps, (keeps falling yeah he keeps falling)
Keeps falling (keeps falling yeah he keeps falling)
And Joe keeps (keeps falling yeah he keeps falling)
Keeps falling (keeps falling yeah he keeps falling)

(Music fades)

We posted on Rumble so that when the tech giants take it down it will still be live at TGP and Rumble.

Via Midnight Rider.

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