Explosive Collision on I-95: Petroleum Tanker Truck Carrying 8,500 Gallons of Gasoline Crashes, Ignites Massive Fire | The Gateway Pundit



A catastrophic multi-vehicle accident early Thursday morning involving a petroleum tanker truck, a tractor-trailer, and a passenger vehicle has led to the closure of I-95 in both directions, creating extensive traffic jams throughout the area.

The collision occurred around 5:30 a.m. in the southbound lanes of I-95 near Exit 15, at the Fairfield Avenue overpass in Norwalk, Connecticut, abc7 NY reported.

The tanker, loaded with 8,500 gallons of gasoline, was significantly damaged in the crash, leading to a massive fire outbreak.

Miraculously, no injuries have been reported following the incident. Authorities have confirmed that there is no immediate risk of structural collapse despite the severity of the fire.

“Paul Rizzo the Chief of the Bureau of Highway Operations at the Department of Transportation stressed that the bridge, while damaged was not in imminent danger of collapse. However it would take at least 3 hours to complete the investigation of the crash, and damaged utility lines underneath the bridge were still in need of assessment by utility companies. The long term structural integrity of the bridge would also require assessment, as gasoline can burn hot enough to cause serious deformation,” Westfair Business Journal reported.

The news outlet added, “William Turner, the State Dmergency Management Director also explained that that while 6,500 gallons of fuel either burned or ran off into the Norwalk River during the fire some fuel remains and will need to be removed. The firefighting foam as well as the unignited fuel that ran off are currently the subject of a booming operation by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to minimize ecological damage.”

State Emergency Management Director William Turner provided an update on the environmental impact of the accident.

“Approximately 6,500 gallons of gasoline have either been consumed by the fire or have leaked into the surroundings. Our response teams are currently managing a cleanup operation along the Norwalk River. This effort includes both local and state hazardous materials teams who are meticulously addressing the aftermath,” Turner said.

Governor Ned Lamont (D) has been actively coordinating with federal authorities to manage the crisis. He mentioned his discussions with Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, emphasizing that federal support is on standby to assist with the ongoing situation.

Due to the extensive damage and ongoing safety checks, both the northbound and southbound lanes of I-95 at Exit 15 are expected to be closed for an extended duration. The exact timeline for reopening remains uncertain as investigations and repairs are underway.

The closure has led to significant disruptions, with thousands of vehicles, including many tractor trailers, being rerouted onto local roads, exacerbating traffic conditions in and around Norwalk.

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