DISGRACE: Pro-Hamas Thugs Raise Palestinian Flag at Daley Plaza in Chicago Higher Than American Flag (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


Pro-Hamas agitators throughout the United States are undermining the freedoms and what our American flag stands for.

In Chicago, at Daley Plaza, on Saturday, a group of agitators raised the Palestinian flag above the American flag. Putting any flag above the American flag within our borders is a disgrace and an insult to our nation. More accurately, it is an insurrection.

Blue cities like Chicago not only don’t take a stand against this insanity, they also celebrate it.


The next video shows more Palestinian flags flying on the rails at Daley Plaza.


Some states handle pro-Hamas activity better than others. On Saturday, agitators blocked an exit on Interstate 4 in Orlando, Florida that lead to Disney World. “Queers for Palestine” held banners and prevented drivers from navigating the highway. They were quickly arrested for blocking traffic.


The pro-Hamas chaos, including agitators on college campuses, are all part of a greater problem of weak leadership in the United States under the Biden regime. Earlier this month, crooked Joe uttered a few things about the college agitators and offered no solutions or resolve.


The Biden regime spends its time persecuting Trump supporters and pro-life Christians rather than going after anti-American, terrorist supporting agitators who endanger people’s lives.

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