“Democrat Messaging is Full of Sh*t!” – James Carville Goes Off on Democrats as Biden Loses Support Among Black Voters (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


Democrat strategist James Carville is not okay.

Carville went off on Democrats as Joe Biden loses support among black voters.

President Trump has more than doubled his support among black voters since 2020.

Blacks are fleeing the Democrat party in droves because of persistent inflation thanks to Joe Biden.

James Carville blasted Democrats for focusing on Gaza and ignoring the economy.

“We keep wondering why these young people are not coming home to the Democrats. Why are blacks not coming home to the Democrats? Because Democrat messaging is full of shit, that’s why,” Carville said.

“Talk about cost of living, and ‘we’re going to help deal with this.’ Don’t talk about f*cking Gaza and student loans!” Carville said.


Last month James Carville threatened young voters.

“If they get ahold, there will be no government left, no rights left, you will live under a theocracy, you’ll end up with Christian Nationalism. But that’s all right you little f’ing 26-year-old, you don’t feel like the election is important,” Carville said last month.


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