Brian Mast Absolutely Levels Nasty Code Pink When Asked About Hamas Ceasefire Deal: “I Think Israel Should Go in There and Kick the Sh*t Out of Them” (Video) | The Gateway Pundit


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Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) was not taking it from the nasty hags at Code Pink when they ambushed him about the proposed cease-fire deal with Hamas terrorists.

The “anti-war” group was founded in 2002 to oppose the U.S. liberation of Iraq from tyrant Saddam Hussein and has spend more than 20 years siding with radicals.

The Gateway Pundit reported on the group’s endorsement of the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel on October 7.

Code Pink co-founder Susie Benjamin agreed.

Benjamin ambushed Mast on Tuesday and asked, “Now that Hamas has agreed to a cease-fire, do you think Israel should agree to a cease-fire?”

Mast did not hold back.

“I think Israel should go in there and kick the sh** out of them…just absolutely destroy them…their infrastructure…level anything that they touch,” Mast replied. “Clear enough?”

The harpy continued, “Congressman, the world is calling for a cease-fire….”

Mast cut her off, “Anybody in the world is wrong calling for…”

“You used to say Hamas won’t agree to a cease-fire,” Benjamin continued. “Hamas has just agreed.  It was a proposal put forward by Egypt, Qatar, you know, CIA Director William Burns has been there negotiating, and Hamas agreed to it.”

Mast fired back, “You know what, it there’s an American held, or somebody else being held, there should be every expectation that Americans can come and kill them as well. It there’s an American being held, we should go kill the people holding them.”

Watch the entire epic encounter:

Never forget that the anti-American radicals and Marxists Code Pink not only supported the mass murderer Saddam Hussein, but also supported the illegitimate Iranian regime, the Marxist Chavez regime in Venezuela, met with Taliban extremists and delivered $600,00 worth of “aid” to the people who killed 51 Americans and wounded 560 more earlier that month.

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