Biden To Highlight His Historic Record With Infrastructure Week


President Biden will hold a real infrastructure week to highlight the historic progress America has made on infrastructure during his administration.

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Here are some of Biden’s infrastructure accomplishments, according to a White House fact sheet:

  • Launched improvements on over 257,000 miles of roads and launched nearly 13,000 bridge repair projects making our roadways safer and reconnecting communities across the country;
  • Provided funding to deploy nearly 3,000 low-and zero-emission American-made transit buses and funded over 5,000 clean school buses in 600 communities across the country, prioritizing disadvantaged areas;
  •  Delivered funding for over 450 port and waterway projects to strengthen supply chains, speed up the movement of goods, lower costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Deployed investments in over 300 airport terminal projects to modernize and expand terminals—over 100 of which are under construction or complete;
  • Launched over 4,100 projects to help communities build resilience to threats such as the impacts of climate change and cyber-attacks;
  • Financed over 1,400 drinking water and wastewater projects across the country;
  •  Deployed funding that will help replace up to 1.7 million toxic lead pipes;
  •  Removed hazardous fuel material from nearly 15 million acres of land through the Infrastructure Law and other sources to protect communities from wildfires;
  •  Funded nearly 500 projects for water recycling, storage, conservation, desalination, and other purposes to improve drought resilience across the West;
  •  Provided funding to over 200 states, Tribes, and territories and launched over 60  projects to improve the resilience and reliability of America’s electric grid and deliver cheaper and cleaner electricity—representing the largest single investment in electric transmission and distribution infrastructure in the history of the United States.
  •  Enabled over 23 million low-income households to access free or discounted high-speed internet service through the Affordable Connectivity Program;
  • Funded 12,000 miles of middle-mile high-speed internet infrastructure across 370 counties, promoting the security, resilience, and affordability of our nation’s regional networks;
  • Provided funding to more than 280 Tribal governments to connect over 65,000 Tribal households with high-speed internet;
  •  Implemented new rules to expose internet junk fees, enabling 300 million Americans to shop for home and mobile internet plans that best meet their needs and budget;
  • Plugged nearly 8,000 orphaned oil and gas wells to address legacy pollution;
  • Allocated funding to 95 previously unfunded Superfund site projects, including the longstanding backlog of projects, to clean up contaminated sites and advance environmental justice; and
  •  Provided funding to 180 programs that advance President Biden’s Justice40 Initiative, which set a goal that 40% of the overall benefits of certain federal clean energy, climate, and other investments flow to disadvantaged communities.

White House Deputy Chief of Staff Natalie Quillian told PoliticusUSA during a call with reporters, “President Biden is using every tool in his art arsenal to rebuild America’s infrastructure and ensure that no community is left behind. In November of 2021. President Biden signed the bipartisan infrastructure law that day he made a commitment to delivering once-in-a-generation investments to rebuild our roads and bridges expand passenger rail, provide clean and safe drinking water, tackle legacy pollution, expand access to high-speed internet, and build a clean energy economy for all Americans and well infrastructure week, but came empty punch line during the prior administration. The Biden administration has committed to delivering infrastructure decade and that will benefit communities for generations to come. Two and a half years in we are we have made tremendous strides to follow through on that commitment across the country. We are breaking ground and cutting ribbons on projects that are unlocking access to economic opportunity, creating millions of good paying jobs, boosting domestic manufacturing, and growing our economy from the bottom up, bottom up, and the middle out to date. The President’s administration has announced over 56,000 specific infrastructure projects and awards across over 4500 communities in all 50 states, DC, and the territories. ”

Trump Talked About Infrastructure, But Biden Delivered

Biden did something that Trump was never able to do. He got a bipartisan infrastructure bill passed in Congress and signed into law. Biden is using rebuilding the nation’s crumbling infrastructure to create good jobs. The United States has not seen this level of infrastructure investment since the 1950s and 1960s. Trump calls himself a builder, but it is Joe Biden who has built roads and bridges, modernized the electrical grid, and invested in the technology infrastructure of the future.

Trump talked, but it was President Joe Biden who was delivering.

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